Before Milonga La Roca we sometimes offer a workshop by the DJ of that month or passing guest teachers. Theme and level depend on the teachers.

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Milonga La Roca


On november 18th 2017, on the day of the milonga from 13.00-17.15 a workshop afternoon with

Edwin Espinosa and Alexa Yepes

Level required: at least knowledge about: walking, ochos, simple turn right and left, sacadas and some barridas. More or less 2 years of classes and regular practicing.

13.00-14.15.Walk and Embrace, lead and follow

14.30-15.45 Technique of turning around the leader on the right and left side

16.00-17.15 Rythmic and melodic sequences to maintain the milonga's line

Each workshop is 15 euro p.p.

Website Edwin y Alexa



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